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Some BBS History

I moved to Tennessee from Illinois in 1993 after the Mississippi river took my home in a flood.

In early 1994 I started the Dove Network BBS, a Christian based BBS located in Shelbyville Tennessee. I have been running a bbs ever since in some form or fashion. I lost count on how many different names my bbs has had over the years, but Wildcat BBS Software has always been the heart.

Tennessee Tri-Star Flag

The flag of Tennessee displays an emblem on a field of red, with a strip of blue bordered by white on the fly. The emblem in the middle consists of three stars on a blue circle also with a white border. The stars represent the three geographically and legally distinct Grand Divisions of Tennessee (i.e. East, Middle, and West Tennessee). The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of those grand divisions. The blue bar at the edge of the flag was just a design consideration. The central emblem portion of the flag has been adopted as the state's unofficial logo, and appears in the logos of some Tennessee-based companies and sports teams. Examples include the First Horizon Bank and the Tennessee Titans.

Welcome to my Tennessee! Welcome to Tri-Star BBS!

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